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About Alan Sanchez

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I have a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. I studied under the professor Aris Koutroulis. I won a residency to study at the New York Studio School in my senior year and only returned to Detroit to graduate. I then returned to New York for 21 years. My education in Art School was great, techniques and freedom. But the real education came from being in New York. The noise, the people, the food and the nights. It all spilled out on the canvas’.


I created a large painting (4 x 3 meters) on site in the lobby of the headquarters of Technip, a large French oil research company at La Defense in Paris. The painting had an imposed theme ” Diversity “. It was an interactive painting allowing spectators to paint or write on the canvas. I was there for two weeks from 8am to 7pm. I had a man at one side and a woman at the other.I chose to include imagery from all religions between them. Some people weren’t happy about one religious icon being next to another, I just thought it was time we all became tolerant of the other.